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Hi guys. I am a recent convert to road cycling having spent the last 20yrs or so either playing football or mountain biking.

In January I did myself an injury playing football and was told it would be 9mths before i would be able to train or compete at sport. Things changed at 3months when the physio said i could do 3miles on the flat on the easiest gear. I was very quickly doing much more on my mtb and commuting to work 13mls each day.

Anyhow, fast forward to now. I have a Trek 1.5 which i bought in April and have just turned 1000kms last night. Havent managed to commute on it recently but i am getting out on a few longer rides and even managed to tag along with a youth/adult team locally for a bit of group training.

The real reason for the post is to establish where i am at and what could i expect to improve in the next few months.

I am 5'10" and after 3mths of inactivity i was up to 13.5st. Reckon i have lost about 1st since.

Mondays ride was with the club riders. 29mls at an average of 19mph. First lap was about 15-16mph then the next one was 23mph +. I got dropped like a hot potato. Next lap a pal advised me about being more aggressive and staying in the pack and even though they completed the lap in similar time, i was there all the way :-). Last lap was a warm down and i actually rode this at the front whilst talking to another club member.

Last night i fancied a go at the 20mph average over 10miles. We managed a 10mls in very windy conditions of 28.15. 20miles was 1h3min. Went on to do 29miles that night

At the weekend i have been invited out for my first 50mph ride.

I am not out of physio yet so i still have to be carefull and i wont get the all clear from the consultant untill August (Next appointment).

So where do i take this?

Keep going the way things are?
Join the club and try to train properly (Two young kids and wife to appease)
My own structured programe (Tips?)

In light of the figures above would i have the prospects of getting into proper racing in say 12mths time considering atm i would say i am riding on only 70% leg usage (My right leg is much thinner now than my left due to muscle wastage and lack of movement.) I am competetive so i think i would enjoy getting into racing if it was something i had some kind of ability at.

Thanks for any comments


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    At the weekend i have been invited out for my first 50mph ride.
    Now that's stepping up
  • Hadnt noticed that :-) Maybe i should miss that ride then.
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    Welcome to the Dark Side!

    It was a football injury that saw my love for cycling being reignited when I had to stay off running for a few months. I bust the ligaments in my ankle. What have you done?

    For now, I would say anything you do has to be 'sympathetic' toward your rehabilitation. When your physio is happy that's complete, then you can look to be really pushing things forward.

    Properly controlled rehab and exercising within the physio's recommendations is very important for a full recovery. I ignored my own advice (another injury!) and I can no longer kick a football in anger.

    And 50mph is very impressive! ;)

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    Get well soon
  • 50mph was a typing error :twisted:

    It was a completely ruptured Patella Tendon. Knee cap up my leg and the bottom half dangling :-)

    I am just starting running but the bike has been a godsend. Its the place over the last few months i have felt normal. The pedalling puts little strain on the tendon and as its low impact i havent had any issues.

    The thing is i struggle with the sypathetic rehab. I want to be playing football with my son etc. I also fancy having a go at road biking properly