Chinese copy team kits

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dose anyone use or know how good these kits are.


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    Dont use them myself, but if your on a budget and dont mind buying kit which is nothing like the real thing in terms of quality then i'd imagine their fine
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    I bought one while I was waiting for my bike to arrive,
    as I naïvely thought they were all made in China anyway.

    While the Coolmax pad & the YKK zips are real (as far as I can tell)
    the print isn't the same as the real ones. I think they use a different process.
    Added to that the fit is now for a Chinese/Italian hybrid.
    The full length pants come up as 7/8 on me,
    while the arms in the jersey are baggy & don't fit well anywhere.

    Saying that if you are a weirder shape than me &
    want a full kit for less than the price of a real jersey then it might be worth a try.
    However I wouldn't do it again & would rather buy one in a sale/eBay.

    Hope that helps.
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  • springtide9
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    Quality was OK for the price, but just OK.

    Biggest issue was it didn't fit very well.... and was too costly to post back.... so what I purchased is just sat in the draw unused :(
  • I have a radioshack kit from over that way. Print is pretty good, but the zip looks cheap. Fit is slightly small so i'd go in pretending they are Italian sizes if you're going to order one and maybe decide what size you need and go one up.

    Then again, i would imagine that each one is slightly different anyway...
  • Monty Dog
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    Whilst I have no problem recommending some of the Chinese-built carbon frames and wheels I stop a long-way short of knock-off kit which is effectively what you're buying - If you're the type of person who goes to carboots to buy designer branded kit and think you're getting the 'real thing' at a bargain price, then fine.
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    I've bought some of it. Its better quality than I thought and the fit is fine for me - just maybe the sizes are a bit smaller than you'd think - but cycling kit often is anyway.

    I balk at paying £80 for a top - I cant see where the value is.

    I think of them as disposable kits - cos after a few months your kits normally out of date anyway.

    Quality is better than my club kit - so cant really complain - but you'd realise it wasnt genuine if you had the real top in your other hand. Other than that - you'd not tell on the bike - unless they misprint something (and they do that too !)
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    They look bloody awful and nothing like the real thing.

    If this doesn't bother you, then happy dayz.
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    You must have got a different supply then Bob. Mine are passable copies. And as i wear the shorts under my longs for seemingly 8 months a year - then no worries !
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    Ideal for tight fisted northerers or people who buy their kit at Lidl and are happy with it
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    Paid £45 for BMC team kit with bib tights and full zip jersey, happy so far.

    Fabric is not as good as my original BMC jersey (as expected) it feels more like cheaper nylon but still good/OK.

    Original jersey cost £55 from Evans, so it's definitely worth it.
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    There's some rubbish in this thread so far (sorry, but there is!) :roll:

    Of course it's not going to be as good as the official kit, but then it's less than half the price often.

    As has been mentioned, the sizing takes a little tweaking to get a good fit, but in a lot of cases the coolmax pads are the genuine article and the designs are accurate to the real jerseys.

    If you are entering the Tour, then I wouldn't recommend it, but if you are an amateur cyclist 95% of them will be more than suitable without breaking the bank.

    Spend what you save on the bike itself.
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    my view on this is that the tops arent going to be the quality of the original, but as pointed out before, they are a fraction of the price, so you cant expect them to be!

    i dont see any problem with them. last year i had 2 cervelo tops - 1 long sleeve and 1 short, and i am about to order a saxo bank jersey and shorts.

    basically i am on a budget and i feel that these kits are best value for money.
    plus, if you come off then the chances are the jersey and shorts will be shredded.if youve only paid £30 its alot easier to swallow than if youve paid £70 for a jersey alone!!
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    My mate's got a couple of the kits and I think they're pretty good. And unbelievably good for the price. Obviously not the same as gear that costs seven or eight times as much but certainly passable.

    None of the snobbish utter morons who have posted so far would be able to tell they were not the real thing if I flew past them as they were pushing their 3K bike up a slight incline with their disgusting fat bodies shoehorned into matching two hundred quid Assos kit.

    Quite shocked recently at how much very expensive carbon was getting walked up not even very steep hills on a localish sportive.

    Don't mind me, i'm just bitter and jealous because I don't have the cash to spend on new gear and a new bike.

    I wouldn't be pushing it if I did though.
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    where can i get em from? ebay? or ........... would be interested to have a looksee
  • noidea123
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    Got a white/black cervelo kit recently. Think it's great, but ass is totally see through on white section!! :oops:
  • MrBibble
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    Google Monton Cycling, just ordered the spec kit! :D
  • navrig
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    Given that the Chinese will be making a substantial markup at the fraction of the real price then just imagine what mark up the real kit makes.

    I wouldn't buy the Chinese copies/fakes and I certainly would not pay full price for the real thing.

    Both ar real rip offs.

    IMHO of course :wink:
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    cougie wrote:
    I think of them as disposable kits - cos after a few months your kits normally out of date anyway.

    Faster than a tent.......
  • noidea123 wrote:
    Got a white/black cervelo kit recently. Think it's great, but ass is totally see through on white section!! :oops:

    have to agree about my Radioshack kit.....Not see-thru, but the material is dangerously thin!
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    noidea123 wrote:
    Got a white/black cervelo kit recently. Think it's great, but ass is totally see through on white section!! :oops:

    have to agree about my Radioshack kit.....Not see-thru, but the material is dangerously thin!

    apart from the shorts, is the radioshack top thin? i was thinking of buying one. im a 38" chest, what size would you recomend?

  • peanut1978
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    wouldnt bother
    bought garmin cervelo long sleeved top and bib longs
    pretty shite quality
  • StillGoing
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    There's umpteen threads on this subject now. Some people have been impressed with them others like me, not. The colours ran despite following the washing instructions and the materials were cheap. You get what you pay for has never been more true. I'd never buy another and following the experience will only buy quality clothing. It costs more but it lasts a lot longer..
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    I ordered a Cervelo jersey & shorts combo at about £45 from Ebay, thinking at this price it was worth a punt. My advice would be AVOID AVOID AVOID!

    The shorts were like wearing poor quality lycra & the padding was like a cardboard nappy! The jersey was poor quality & bad fitting, odd sleeves. I did eventually get my money back but is was a real pain in the wotsit sorting it out.

    I knew that this might have been the case but to save anyone else the bother i would not recommend ordering any of this tut. Us cyclists spend hours at a time wearing kit so it makes sense to wear comfy, good quality well made kit instead of cheap poorly made stuff which a small child has been paid pittance for slaving over in a dark room somewhere without food or water. Not that i'm a cynic of course!

    I regret doing this in a big way for the reasons above. Each to their own though.
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    As with most things there is also a difference in quality from the Chinese suppliers, the kits from Monton seem to be at the top of the pile when it comes to quality.
  • mattshrops
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    bought a few, from different sources(all china) ALL the kits have been great. Having been born with a brain i was not expecting absloute top quality, so perfectly happy.
    God i hate snobs.
    As in all walks of life some people will have a bad experience, and some people are only happy when they're unhappy. Takes all sorts.
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    I have bought loads of kit from China and 95% is good value.

    Nothing like the real kit though but for training/club rides they really do represent value for money.

    There are many subtle discrepancies in the design compared to the original kt but that doesn't worry me.

    Quality seems good with some of the kit and they have been worn regularly for over a year now.

    The coolmax padding seems fine and I have worn them on 80+ mile rides, If I am going out intentionally to ride 90+ mile rides then I wear my Assos shorts.

    To conclude, as a run of the day kit they offer exceptional value for money, I bought them with the intention of them lasting a couple of years and they seem good for that useage, I do between 150 & 300 Miles a week, so they suit my needs admirably.

    Only had one piece of kit that fitted like a bag of potatoes, but that was my fault as I should have listened to my own sizing not the seller's recommendations.

    Here's just some of the places I have bought from: - ... m=&_ipg=25 ... =&_ipg=200 ... 4340.l2562 ... =&_ipg=200 ... =&_ipg=200

    This is the website for another company in China that does kit, they appear very good: -
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    I'v ordered numerous Team Kits from this site, never had any issues. Even comparing the Team Sky kit to the genuine kit (which i also own) you would struggle to pick out which was which.