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My new bike

YippeekiyayYippeekiyay Posts: 25
edited July 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Had a Carrera Fury for two weeks and didn't like it.
Got rid of it and got the Kona.
The Fury didn't ring my bell, it felt dull to ride. As soon as I got on the Kona, it just made me want to keep riding it. It's silky smooth! Nice and shiny too. Took it out for a 10 min spin when I got it and ended up riding for 40 mins off into the sunset.

It is a butted steel frame just in case anyone is looking to get one. Says so on the frame. Couldn't find that info anywhere on the web before buying it.


  • kaytronikakaytronika Posts: 580
    Must admit, if anything happens to my Fury frame I'll replace it with a steel one. They always felt more fun and forgiving to me.

    That's a nice bike, tiny frame!
    '09 Carrera Fury
    '94 GT Timberline FS
    '89 Saracen Tufftrax
  • Thanks. My 16 year old Marin is a steel frame and it still rides well. They were built to last.
    Wouldn't say the Fury was bad. It just wasn't for me. It has a good fork but the Sram X5 drivetrain isn't as smooth as the Deores on the Kona. The Fury is a good buy at discount price but at full price I would definitely pay that little bit more to get a steel frame.
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