garmin edge memory card

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I know the upper limit is 32GB for the micro SD card but what is the highest useful size to get? For my JOGLE I don't want to run out of space for either routes or the recorded data so, with OpenStreetMaps (~500MB I think) also being on the card can I get away with a 2GB or a 4GB card? or is it worth going for say an 8GB card?


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    Well I have 1800 miles of data for this year - 131 trips - stored on my Edge 800 plus a few dozen courses and the total size is under 10Mb and thats all stored internally.

    I have a 4Gb card containing the Garmin OS maps (2.5Gb) and the OSM GB maps with contours (346Mb) and have 888Mb spare.

    So a 2 or 4Gb Class2 card will do easily, no need to waste money on an 8G one...
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    Given that an 8GB Micro SD card is under £8 (, I would have thought buying a 4GB might be a false economy. ;)

    It does seem that the historical data that Garmins store is impressively small for the amount of information contained.
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