Planet X Model B wheels - a mysterious problem

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I know all about the cheap/light/strong bike component conundrum so I was never expecting these to be bombproof, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem – spoke nipples repeatedly coming off the rear wheel.

It happened for a third time today. I was setting off from lights, standing in the pedals but not really pushing with loads of power, when – 'Ping! Rattle! – another spoke comes loose as the nipple detaches and starts rolling round the middle of the rim.

My very reputable bike shop has re-attached spokes twice and tried to tighten everything up, but to no avail.

I'm using the bike for commuting but it's not being thrashed and I'm a pretty light (67kg) rider who never breaks wheels. let alone frames.

What do I do? Give up and get a new back wheel? If so any tips for a similar/less weight (950g) wheel which might be a bit more robust and won't cost vast sums?

In the interim I'm going to email Planet X to ask what's going on....


  • Vino2007
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    How long have you had them? Alloy spokes corrode so when you replace one, another one will become the weak link and break.
  • pete99
    pete99 Posts: 43
    I've only had the wheels a year and they're used more or less entirely in the dry (I've got another bike I commute on when it rains). Wheels are completely untarnished.

    All three nipples have come loose within the space of a few months.
  • mowflow
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    Have you done a search on here? I was looking for a new set of wheels around the model B price range recently and I read a thread where someone else had a very similar problem.
  • bondurant
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    I'm a big fan of the Model Bs so it pains me a little bit to say that I had my latest back wheel last no more than 1000 miles over last winter - several cracks in the rim around random spokes, with most nipples also corroded. I don't know if the two things were related. It had to put up with some rough roads but I don't remember subjecting it to (several) rim-cracking pothole impacts. Planet X replaced the wheelset under warranty so no complaints there.

    Got some Open Pros now.