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wheel and de railer help!

tomcogtomcog Posts: 105
edited July 2011 in Road beginners
He all, i have these wheels -
Also the wheels are Rigida AS23x, 700c, 17x 622, DIN ETRO

Just wondering, is 700c the size ?

In regards to the derailer, its stuck on the frame and i cant get it off, and can see now way to get it off.

Can i fit a new one?

I have a peugeot Etoile, straight out the 80's


  • optimisticbikeroptimisticbiker Posts: 1,657
    yes 700c is the approx diameter of the wheel + tyre. 17 x 622 is the width and diameter of the rim

    A quick google suggests this is a Sachs mech and forums such as feature that question on removal with sadly no answer...

    but, i gather from a quick read, that the bike came fitted with either 12-speed Sach or early 12-speed Shimano mechs, so there is hope!
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Post a piccie of the frame and rear mech - many of that era were held in place with a separate steel bracket clamped between the wheel and the dropout. You should have no problem sourcing a suitable rear mech of that vintage - again Retrobike forum would be a good place to start.
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  • tomcogtomcog Posts: 105
    I have found a local bike shop, that specialise in retro bikes, and peugeots!!!

    They have taken the rear derailer off and the crank for me, for free as he liked the colours of the bike..

    Thanks for the help all.
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