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alwaystoohotalwaystoohot Posts: 252
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I'm travelling for the next 6 weeks so away from my bike. I went to a local gym this morning and had my first ever spinning lesson. Absolutely cooked my legs...... how do you lads rate spinning, is it worthwhile bike training or simply quality aerobic but more general fitness? Any of you do it?
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  • Did my first last week and it killed me when doing the standing stuff.
  • I rate it quite highly - I think spinning is harder than riding a normal bike and I always seem to go a bit faster when I get on the bike after a spinning session.
  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    I do 3 classes a week. Has definitely helped in certain aspects, e.g. laying down the power over short to medium bursts. Possibly won't help so much over longer distances. I try and set up the spin bike as close as possible to my road bike so I hit the leg and lower back muscles from similar angles.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Its very good but depends on the teacher. Some treat it as aerobics on a bike. Done properly it shouldnt be massively different to a turbo session.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Quality/benefit of session depends a lot on the instructor - the 'aerobics on a bike' is quite common and is of questionable value. It usually takes a few sessions to get used to how much effort you need to put in - wind-up the tension straight away and you could cook-yourself half-way through a pyramid set. For some, flat-out spinning is 100rpm whereas others its 180rpm plus.
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  • andrewlwoodandrewlwood Posts: 224
    as others have said. I'm not much of a cyclist, but my legs and heart do get stronger when I spin regularly (2-3 times a week).

    It's hard work the first three or four times - then it gets... not easier, but more natural.
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    I f*cking hate it and there's no substitute for time on the bike, but I guess it's better than a few weeks off the bike !?
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