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bike sizes

mike-j-26mike-j-26 Posts: 10
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Hi ,

Second post iv kinda decided I would like a specialized allez as my first road bike iv seen only one 61 cm frame but a lot of 58 cms. I used one of the bike size calculators and it said I needed a 60 cms frame. Could I get away with a 58 and just adjust the seat post. I'm 6.3 and 3/4 and inside leg 34 1/2. Also seen a cannondale caad9 liquid gas on eBay that looks alright anyone have any opinions on this bike. Any help appreciated Mike


  • Check with the manufactures cause they are all slightly different
    I'm 5'9 with relatively long legs, I ride a 56 which is just about right
    58 would be a push, you'd probably need a 60+
  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    specialized recommend a 58 allex/tarmac for 6 ft to 6 ft 3 so you should be fine

    Fit a longer stem (£30) if required if you have arms like an orangutan but should be OK

    You only need a 61 if you're 6 ft 6
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