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Advice on cannondale caad5

TurloughTurlough Posts: 3
edited June 2011 in Road buying advice
Hi all, new to the forum,
Looking for some advice on buying second hand cannondale caad5 thats come up.
It has shimano ultegra groupset,campagnolo proton rims,team saeco colours.
The owner tells me that its an 06 model!,is this possible as i would have thought 03-04?
What is the most i should be prepaired to pay for it?
Cheers in advance.


  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
  • TurloughTurlough Posts: 3
    ShutUpLegs wrote:

    Cheers,yea i was thinking around 400-450,He's lookin more for it,but said he can negotiate.will see.
    Anyone have or have had a caad5 and how do you rate it?
  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    Caad5 was 2002 ... £300 quid would seem more sensible unless the groupo is mint ...
  • Buckled_RimsBuckled_Rims Posts: 1,648
    Was not the CAAD5 the bike that won the Giro?

    It could possibly be a 2006 model, but it must have been one of the very last ones and then left over winter in the bike shop. :wink:
    Kona Jake the Snake
    Merlin Malt 4
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