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Giant vs Cube vs Focus

Blakemore94Blakemore94 Posts: 37
edited July 2011 in MTB buying advice
I changed the topic of this post as I have decided the canyon is deffo not for me

I am a 16 year old semi beginner and ride around the Shropshire hills more all-round biking and would use the bike for commuting also.

After researching and looking around I’ve come to a dilemma on 3 bikes.

Giant Anthem X4 £1550

Cube AMS 110 Pro £1550 (could get money off easily)

Focus superbud 3.0

Okay on paper all of these bike have great components an according to reviews are great rides too.

The Cube this also has good suspension and components but as a cocky 16 year old bit of a show off like the looks of the bike also. The problem here is that the bike has less reviews so I cant make a fair decision about this bikes performance.

The giant seems to be a really sturdy bike it has good Fox forks and also good rear sus. The problem I think here is that the components aren’t so good as the other, However the bike has amazing reviews on every website and also looks nice. Is the giant going to be a better bike.
The wild card here is the Focus superbud 3.0. I think is a very under looked bike. Its hard to say how good this bike is as wiggle is the only stockist and very limited reviews once again a German brand that seems to have good components overall. What do you think of the superbud in general.

I’d really appreciate any help and advice, as my head has gone past confused with everything going on :s


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    as canyon is mail order only you will only be able to try the Cube. I also dont believe Canyon will do any financing.,and I would look at something more suitable for the commute. which will save leaving an expensive bike somewhere at the end of the commute.
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  • Revolver22Revolver22 Posts: 44
    Check the availability of the canyon as that might influence your decision.

    I decided to order a Nerve AM 7.0 last week, only to be told on saturday it wont be ready for delivery unitl the 6th September!!

    So I have cancelled my order as I am not prepared to wait that long, especially as by then 2011 bikes will be dropping in price anyway with the 2012 ones appearing.
  • snowden_88snowden_88 Posts: 174
    Not sure how a 16 year old can get finance. And kudos to you if your parents let you use there details for a £1600 finance agreement! Thats alot of debt for someone just out of school.

    Save your money for a car. Thank me when you turn 17 and discover females prefer to be driven and not given a "seaty" :D
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  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    I believe you need to be 18 to get any sort of finance/credit

    I'd make sure you can get the finance before you set your heart on a bike

    Unless your folks are doing the finance for you and you're paying them back

    As Nick points out, no point in having a nice expensive commuter bike, the local Scum will nick it before you can blink

    If you want a bike to commute on get something cheap and reliable that does not stand out in the crowd

    Then get a nice shiny mountain bike for what it is designed for, riding off road.
  • Nick Louse:Thanks for informing me about no finance on canyons. I never have to leave my current bike as its either in watch or in my girlfriends garage thats the only time.

    Revolver 22:That has completely changed my influence in the Nerve yeahh its deffo not going to be that then haha very vital information.

    Snowden:I will most definately be saving up for a car and as i am almost 17 have saved up quite a substantial amount (wont say how much :p) However i have been in part time work for a year recently been promoted meaning that im earning £300 a month. Also I am hopefully going to be an apprentice as a electrcal engineer so il be able to ive seaties and taxi rides :p

    Andy BI think I can get a 0% finance just been talking to they said its fine as i have my own account. If the worst comes to the worst my parents have agreed that I could work summit out.
    Hopefully as I have an interview for an apprenticeship i will be able to leave my bike in there it would perfect distance and secure.

    The main reason I am getting a new mountain bike is so that I can get muddy up the wrekin and start doing races

    I also really like the look of the iant Anthem X4 ?
  • like others have said it a good idea to consider the finance issues before ordering so be worth while giving canyon and other people a call before hand as im sure you need to be 18 and in some cases 21 in order to set up a agreement.

    Also remember that buying a bike isnt all you need to ride, remember you will need pedals and shoes, then extras like pump, spares, maybe lights, helmet ect ect

    Id say put aside at least £100 for extras on top of buying a bike as thats the min you going to need roughly to be suited and booted for MTB.

    other than that id consider testing as many bikes as you can to get a good idea of the style of riding you like more as XC and AM bikes have very different styles.
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  • xand_xandxand_xand Posts: 271
    Canyon definately don't offer finance ... Checked this out with them a couple of weeks ago.
    Blakemore94 much respect to you chap you obviously have your head screwed on right wat with working and earning and planning for apprenticeships.

    Look forward to you updating us on your decision of course adding pics to the 'show your Mtb thread'.
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  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537

    Andy BI think I can get a 0% finance just been talking to they said its fine as i have my own account.

    Odd as you have to be 18 to enter a legally binding contract to get credit.

    Quote - In the UK, you need to be 18 or over to sign any credit agreement. If you are under the age of 18 and you sign a contract, it will not be binding.
  • blablablacksheep:
    Daamn it I was sure it was 16 but you guys have proved me wrong sorry and thank you at the same time. Yeahh my birthdays pretty soon soo hopefully il get abit of equipment for then. for now I can use some of me dads equipments as hes teaching me :P Thanks for the advice. what sort of multi tools and pumps would you advice.

    A massive thanks mate made me feel happy :P Yeahh im trying my best and hopefully these engineering apprenticeships will sort me with a proper career.

    Briggo: Thanks for clarifying it for certain. Stupid man in the tredz store lied to me haha.

    Just seen it looks like its gonna have to be a call to mum haha.
    Also would you definately reconmend the bike ? and do you think 165 rear travel is too much or is it adjustable.

    Thanks guys.
  • offers a 0% finance deal on the giant worth a look?
  • I personally think that when you buy treats or rewards you should save up for them not finance for stuff as it never really is worth while unless you desperate to buy something ASAP and dont have the cash in hand.

    So with that in mind you should enjoy the bike more due to having saved up for it :D

    Gear wise i got/found most important things are:
    Patchs(pe-glued ones, exspencive but easy as piss instead of messing around with glue)
    Gloves,shorts,top ect
    Cleaning gear and TLC gear for keeping bike in good nick,Lube ect ect.
    Glasses for keeping censored out of eyes, otherwise invest in plenty of Optrex

    So given that list id set aside £100 at least given helmet depending on you, going to cost £40+ most likely, and shoes with Pedals can be got for 60 together but more likely going to be £100 if you want decent ones/ 60/40 shoe pedal combo works well.

    Hope that helps.. 8)
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  • dp1dp1 Posts: 89
    From your list i would buy the X4. I recently bought an X1 but in hindsight wish i had saved a load of money and bought one lower down the range. I personally think the law of diminishing returns comes in ie. there is no major advantage for the extra money. The X1 is fantastic ride but so are the others and at that price range the parts on the X4 are easily good enough and you can upgrade to what you like as you go along.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Try and stay clear of finance, it WILL come back and bite you in the arris later on. It's one of those life lessons I wish I'd learnt 10 years earlier.
  • Really good advice guys really liking it :)

    Blablablack sheep.
    hmm true advice I have the money to buy a bike out rite anyway but with that I would have nothing left for a car so sorting out a 0% thing where I pay off my mums credit if they exchange using my debit I could do that before interest.
    Im just thinking during the year I dont get taxed im better off using the percentage I wou be taxed on to spend on something before I get taxed on savings (Bas****).

    Out of the list I have endura shorts and a mtb jersey aswell as gloves. Bottle and camel bak. and most importnatly a basic but good helmet.

    I dont have pedals or shes and would be most interested in a SPD variety for the things im planning to do and so I dont have to spend more in the long. Do you think Shimano M2424 pedals are any good ? Also what shoes would you reconmend hopefully summit that I dont have to take off straight after biking and could walk around in. ??
    What sort of mini pumps adnd multi tools would you reconmend?
    Are there any good glasses as iv found now its sumer things are loose and fly in your eyes like a Beech ;) :P

    Thanks guys :)
  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    Try and stay clear of finance, it WILL come back and bite you in the arris later on. It's one of those life lessons I wish I'd learnt 10 years earlier.

    +potato, it just seems to mount up, then most of your money has gone, especially as essentials seem to get more and more expensive. I use 0% finance on stuff, but Its when I know I've got the money to pay for said item, then I stick the cash in my savings and make a little bit of interest, but know that Its there should I need it.

    On the subject of the bike, I have a couple of Focus bikes and I've been more than happy with them, although neither are a superbud
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  • were focus reliable then ??
  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    were focus reliable then ??

    I've had no problems with either of mine, I decided to change the rear shock on my full suss one, mainly because I'm pretty OCD and I like things to match, Its not something I recommend, but hey. anyway because of the linkage type it was an odd set up, which I went straight to the manufacturers in germany for help with, they could not have been more helpful and friendly.
    Mountain biking is like sex.......more fun when someone else is getting hurt
  • Ahhh Okayy Fair enough :)

    I hear allot about the customer service of the german brands being rubbish from my local bike shop.

    As im more so interested in Cube do you think thats true as that could be th only problem :)
  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 947
    I really love my anthem x4 2010, if you can stretch higher I think the X3 comes with a pro-pedal on the rear shock.

    that having been said, I don't have that and don't sit there being bothered about the rear shock performance.

    I'd want to test ride the bike to make sure it fitted for that money so I;d be going for the cube or the giant for that reason alone
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  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    Oh and on the glasses front, just get on ebay and look for bolle cycling glasses, good quality and only around a tenner a pair
    Mountain biking is like sex.......more fun when someone else is getting hurt
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