Foot cramps?

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Hi Folks,

Wonder if anyone could help me with this problem i've been having with foot cramps.

I just recently got my bike and been out on it a couple of times, trying to build up a little bit of distance, but the past time i've been curtailed by getting really bad cramps in the arch of my feet.

I'm still using the pedals with clips that came with the bike and an old pair of trainers, but i've got clipless pedals and shoes on order. Could my footwear choice be something to do with it or is it more a riding style or fitness problem?

I'm just new to cycling, but i've done a bit of running so i'm not totally out of shape (but yes, could do better! :oops: )

Anyone had anything like this? Its really annoying because i want to cycle for longer and I feel the rest of my body could take longer!



  • when you say that you're using the pedals with clips that came with the bike, are those toe clips? there might be a couple of things here - one is that your shoes are soft and flexible (compared to cycling shoes) and you're putting localised pressure on your feet if the pedals are smallish, the other possibility is that you are somehow scrunching your feet up to keep your feet in the clips, and that tension is causing your cramps. I'm not a physio or anything btw, just have experienced something similar and it was because I was tensing my feet unconciously as I cycled. Hope you get it sorted, the clipless pedals and shoes might sort you out
  • ^^ This.

    Plus also, check how tight your trainers are tied. I used to get something very similar when running, turned out it was down to my tying my trainers too tight and wearing cr*ppy socks.
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  • where exactly are you positioning your feet on the pedals? You should be pushing with the ball of your foot, any further back and as stated above, you risk pushing with the softer part around the arch....
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    3 really good points there guys, making me think!

    Its the plastic clip and strap pedals that came with the bike, the first bike i've ridden with them and its a bit of a faff getting into them, and i loosened them right up to make it easier to get into them, so as you say Winterdancer I may well be tensing my feet up to keep them steady if the clips not tight enough! How can i tighten them as I pull away though!!

    Also if the clips too loose, the ball of my foot may be moving about and i could be putting pressure on my arch.

    Could be quite straight forward now you all point those things out! D'uh, stupid me!

    I will watch these things closely on my next ride! Will be good when i get my SPDs through though!

    Just wearing some ordinary sports socks, nothing fancy, does better quality ones make a bit difference?
  • you could try getting your right foot so the ball of your foot is right on the pedal and then tighten that strap, then just leave the left strap loose for stopping etc....

    Then see how much your left foot moves about and whether you still get the pain in both feet, or just your left!
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    See if your new pedals and shoes help, but contrary to the above, I also suffered cramps in the arch of my right foot, but only when using expensive, carbon soled road shoes and Look pedals. My Shimano M520s and cheap, recessed-cleat Specialized commuting shoes, however, cause me no such problems.