Mudguards for Cannondale Synapse

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Hi Folks,

Looking for a little advice on what mudguards I can fit to my Cannondale Synapse?

I'm intending to use it for commuting and was hoping to get away without them for a bit but, well summer doesn't really seem to know what its doing so should probably invest in some!

Still new to cycling so can anyone recommend a set that will fit under the brake calipers? Preferably ones that can be removed and put on easily enough to suit the weather.

Thanks in advance.


  • keef66
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    Is it a 2011 Alu Synapse? I've been led to believe they take proper guards eg SKS chromoplastics.

    If it's an earlier model, or the carbon version, then as above advice.
  • stavrosk83
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    Its a 2011 Alu Synapse.

    I looked on the Cannondale website to see if it gave any info regarding the clearance provided, but didnt think its that great a site.

    Dou you think the difference in length will make much difference. I had actually seen the Raceblades somewhere before, it would be good for them to be put on or whipped off easily.
  • keef66
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    As I understand it, the 2011 Alu Synapse has eyelets at the front & rear dropouts, and frame clearance / long reach brakes specifically to allow standard guards to be fitted.

    Easier to fit and more effective than the Cruds. Doesn't take that long to take them off.
  • Did you get a set of guards sorted? I have the same bike and am after something - the lack of a chainstay bridge is putting me off full size SKS guards, but with 25c tyres the crud roadracer guards will be a squeeze. What did you do in the end?
  • I should be able to give you an update on this shortly - have some SKS Chromoplastics in black on order from the LBS and will be getting them to fit them to my 2011 Aku Synapse when they arrive.

    Watch this space :)
  • Thanks GM, that's just the set up I'm thinking about - I look forward to hearing how it goes.
  • Mark61
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    Just tried fitting full set of SKS mudguards to my Cannondale Synapse tonight. You have to push the mudguard through the chain stays and it will just fit (the chain stays bulge slightly where they meet the frame).

    Then loop a cable tie through the mounting hole in the mudguard which would normally bolt to the chainstay bridge.. Then loop a second cable tie through first tie and round the chain stay. Then tighten everything. Nothing rattles and it seems held in place - but a road trial will have to wait until the spring. You have to use two ties so that the tie that goes through the bolt hole is flush with the mudguard and doesn't rub. I also had to shorten one of the mudguard supports by about 5 mm as it was too long.

    Let me know how you get on - there may be a better solution but this seems to work.

  • Mark61 wrote:
    Let me know how you get on - there may be a better solution but this seems to work.

    May or may not be of help but SKS say they will have their new "Long" Raceblades to UK distributors towards the end of January: ... ds&i=11014