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Worn Speedplay Zero cleats/bowties - what to look for

option_clickoption_click Posts: 169
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I've noticed that recently that it's a lot harder to release from my pedals - could this be down to worn cleats?

If so, what wear signs should I to look for on the cleats?

I'd estimate that I've done around 3500 miles on them.


  • markshaw77markshaw77 Posts: 437
    Could be that they just need cleaning and lubricating - they are quite sensitive to dirt in the cleat (one of their few downsides). Give 'em a good clean and then use a dry lube and make sure it get right into and around the metal ring piece and they may well loosen up nicely.

    Also with that sort of mileage, you want to make sure you re-grease the pedals/spindles

    Check out Speedplay's maintenance tips for more info...

    If that doesn't sort it, you can buy new cleats, bow tie, bearing and spindle kits separately so you should just be able to replace the offending bit.
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