Help identifying an old frame

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We finally decided to "do up" an old bike we had laying around. I guess it is from the 70s given the Shimano thunderbird mech. Fairly light steel with Shimano stamped on the fork drop outs. The only other marking I can find on it is NERVCR stamped on the fork steerer. It also has a frame number on a slightly raised plate just below the seat clamp. Not much to go on, but any ideas? Thanks


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    Nerv = nervex, French manufacturer of lugs so probably decent quality. Might get more joy posting photos over on Retrobike?
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks. The mystery deepens though. We started to remove the white gloss paint (no really) from the frame, covering the original bronzy-orange, and the lugs on the headtube have BCM stamped on them, which I believe were made by Bocama? Anyway looks like there is a nice frame waiting to escape. It'll go in the loft now until the winter and hopefully emerge as a classic single speed in the spring.
  • Bocama defo says France, and a lot of French manufacturers of the time were, in fact, using Reynolds 531 and 753. Motobecane, Puch, Peugot, Gitane ... or a small framebuilder/custom job.
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    Thanks, living on the French boarder, that connection makes sense.