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R-SYS front wheel creaking

usedtobefastusedtobefast Posts: 145
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My R-SYS front wheel is creaking whenever I ride out of the saddle so I'm thinking this is because I'm applying more lateral force when the ends of the bars are at their maximum positions away from the centre line during sprinting or climbing. When seated there is no creak.

A couple of weeks ago they went back to the UK service centre (via my LBS) and came back without the creak, but now the creak is back. I've tried greasing the spoke ends at the hub but this has made no difference (whilst typing this I'm thinking I need to try the same at the rim end).

I'm off to the Etape next weekend so haven't got the time to get Mavic UK involved, so I thought I'd seek any help and suggestions from you kind folks out there.

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  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    try greasing the axle in the dropouts. My ti frame creaks when the axle ends are dry.
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