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gear problems

aaah zombieaaah zombie Posts: 6
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Ive had my bike for about 8 months. The chain recently broke and both the gear cables are stretched/ not working. I went into a shop to ask for a repair bill he said i needed a new cassete as well...£110 for new chain cables and a censored cassette to be put on...I said no thanks.

My main question is will I need a new cassette for this bike already? It looks in ok condition. Its an aluminum cassette btw. The bike is a cannondale flash.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    maybe, it depends how worn it is. If the chain was over worn then it is highly possible that the cassette is also worn.
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  • andrewjosephandrewjoseph Posts: 2,165
    cable stretch can be fixed at home for free. cable seizure is a different matter and may need new inners and outers.

    cables~£3.00 each, cable outers ~£3/meter, chain ~£15, cassette ~£25.

    Cassette lock ring tool ~£10, chain whip ~£7.
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