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Upgrading my Pikes

jon87ukjon87uk Posts: 158
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
I am thinking about getting a set of Domain RC U-turn to swap for my Pikes.

The existing fork I have is a Pike 409 which has U-turn from 95-140mm. The frame is a 2009 Marin Wolfridge 6.7, from looking at the stock specs and assuming that the attack trail used the same frame then I think the 160mm on the front won't be an issue. The weight isn't any real penalty as I'm 14 stone anyway. I'm living in Sheffield so the bike gets used for a mix of riding around Stanage/Houndkirk/Black Moor and some weekends further out into the Peak District.

My main question is if this will be a better fork in comparison?
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