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Cube Agree SL v's CAAD10

alwaystoohotalwaystoohot Posts: 252
edited June 2011 in Road beginners
Anyone have an opinion on the better of these two aluminium bikes for fast training and occasional racing? I'm looking to buy and leaning towards the CAAD at this stage - I'll need the largest sizes, either 64cms for the Cube or 63cms for the CAAD10 (being 6'7").

Thanks any advice. (I just dont like carbon fibre before you all ask...)
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  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    You'd have to get a very good carbon frame to be better than the caad whether you like carbon or not

    I haven't ridden a Cube but I suppose they win in the styling stakes
  • DiogenesDiogenes Posts: 1,628
    I have been riding a CAAD8 for 5 years, very comfortable, handles beautifully and, compared to my tourer, transmits power to the rear wheel with remarkable effect. Never ridden a Cube but I would be happy to recommend the Dale.

    D :D
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