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Hows your seat?

*pablo**pablo* Posts: 3
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Hi all,looking to replace the saddle on my ride,its old and uncomfy,i am 6" 2 and weigh aprox 13 st anyone got a seat that is good for them that they could recomend,i would like to get something a little funky but i am not loaded,cheers


  • turpinrturpinr Posts: 255
    charge spoon
  • TutterzTutterz Posts: 27
    also recommend the charge spoon
  • thepha5ethepha5e Posts: 118
    yeah charge spoon is great, or an sdg bel air
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    I don't do smileys.

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  • *pablo**pablo* Posts: 3
    Cheers!! :lol:
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Couldn't get on with either, so now running Selle Max Flites on all bikes that matter. Many folk can't get on with them either! :lol:

    Best thing you can do is park your censored on a couple to find out what works for you.

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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    Madison Flux, same as the charge spoon but weighs less and costs the same.
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    Spesh Toupe Team - looks like an instrument of torture, but actually v comfy
  • RybesRybes Posts: 110
    madison flux for me with a pair of padded shorts and i dont feel uncomfy at all. im about same size n weight as you, jus a touch heavier :wink:
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Charge Spoon/Madison Flux/Gusset R (all variants of the same saddle)... Not because they're the best saddles in the world, but because they're cheap and for the Spoon especially the resale value is just a couple of quid less than the new price, if you hate it.

    I really like my Charge Knifes. (nb no it doesn't pluralise to Knives) but I always feel like they could be absolute murder if you don't have a bum that's exactly the right shape. But despite being small, barely shaped, and almost unpadded it just works for me. I don't wear padded shorts either.
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  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    What are you doing sitting down anyway?

    It depends on what and how you are riding, non of my saddles are 'comfy' as such as I've got a jump bike and an All Marketing/FR bike.
    Next you'll be saying you enjoy riding up hills :o 8) It is really hard to advise on what is a good saddle as it is so personal and subjective, had a look and see if you can try some.
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  • Frodo1095Frodo1095 Posts: 252
    WTB Rocket V has been a great seat for me, fitted it on both my bikes
  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    Frodo1095 wrote:
    WTB Rocket V has been a great seat for me, fitted it on both my bikes

    + Potato on the Rocket saddles
    Have these fitted to all 4 of my bikes, can ride perched on these all day long..
  • have a spoon on the post i use for the tag along and a SDG bel air on the main post, both very comfy, bel air has more padding than the spoon, but costs twice as much, had to have it though as is aligator skin stylee!!! 8) 8) 8)
    spoon will prolly creak after a year or so but still satys comfortable for long trek's, some good limited edition colours available too! cant really go wrong for Circa £20!!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • h34e0fh34e0f Posts: 370
    My stock Genesis saddle is fantastic. I ride 100 miles a week on it (on and off road) with no trouble.
  • bluehelmetbluehelmet Posts: 156
    Spesh Phenom.

    Comfier than a very comfy thing with added pillows...

    If you get the right width for your sit bones though.

    EDIT: the MTB version with added padding like ... _25353.htm
  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    i have charge spoons on both my bikes now, nuff said
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  • TowerRiderTowerRider Posts: 430
    My next saddle was going to be a Charge Spoon because it is the one that always gets mentioned BUT I was wondering about Selle Italia SLR T1. The price is a lot different but can get it for £65 instead of £99. Any opinons?
  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    I,m just under 6ft 2 and 13 stone 6 My shout as always goes out to the SDG aliso, quite simply the comfiest thing I've sat on thats not from DFS.

    I have had a Selle SLR t1 on until recently, its a VERY firm saddle, nice big nose for climbing on which is fairly well padded, but can leave you a bit bumachey after rides.

    Also the wipe clean finish is very love or hate, It looked cool on my bike IMHO but its not for everyone. I still have a white one I never got round to relisting, I can dig out the link in the classifieds if you were interested
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  • CycloRosCycloRos Posts: 579
    charge spoon, looks slick, out performs it's price tag, what's not to like?
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  • Clark3yClark3y Posts: 129
    got a spoon a couple of weeks back, it's nice, impressed for the price.
  • thepha5ethepha5e Posts: 118
    Clank wrote:
    Many folk can't get on with them either! :lol:

    Best thing you can do is park your ars* on a couple to find out what works for you.
    If only this was the crudcatcher....
    Hardcore hardtail:

    And a single speed commuter bike:
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Fizik Gobi XM Klum. Superb saddle and amazing customer service.
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    Had charge spoon on HT and fizik gobi on full sus. Loved both of them. I only got rid of the spoon as someone on here was selling a new fizik gobi and I ended up doing a part ex as he was after a spoon

    Get the spoon and sell it on if you're not happy with it
  • Personally, my Rocket V saddle is the comfiest saddle I've ever owned. I'm 6 foot 2 and 13 stone, but every ar*e is different.
  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    I have a WTB Laser SLT, its a bit firm, but I did 14 hours on it the other day with two pairs of padded shorts and it wasn't that painful after. I also have a speed on the wife's bike, which I think is more comfy.

    The spesh toupe's are comfy too.

    But there is a world of difference between a seat which is comfy for 2-3 hours and one that you can do 8-10 hours on.
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    i bought a Charge Spoon a while back based on the recommendations on here. Bloody awful. Killed my jacksie. It got sold with the bike it was on. Now got a Velo (Boardman) saddle and its great. Everyones ar$s is different i guess :D
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  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Still loving my 4 year old Fizik Gobi.Also have a Fizik Arione on my road bike,and did d a 100k sportive on that a few weeks back with no comfort issues at all.
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  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    I'm 6'4" and was 115kg but am now 98kg. Was on a Ritchey, then a WTB both of which didn't work. Tried the Spoon following recommendations and have found it so good that there's now one on each of my bikes!
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  • timpoptimpop Posts: 394
    I'm not far off your build, 6'1 12st 8 (ish) I've had the Charge Spoon and the Madison Flux and got on well with them both. I think the Flux was tapered a bit more at the back so a bit easier to slide back when heading down steeper terrain. I could be wrong though, it's been a while. I'm still using the stock Lapierre one at the moment.
    Many happy trails!
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