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Which CX Bike

iandennisiandennis Posts: 238
edited June 2011 in Commuting general
I'm looking at changing my commuter bike to a CX, mainly due to the rubbish road but also because I fancy doing some cyclocross racing next year.

Short List
Boardman CX
Spesh Crux Elite
Genesis Vapor / Crox
Spesh Tricross Sport

On paper with spec and price then the Boardman wins. I have SRAM Apex on my roadbike (not used for commuting) so having the same on a commuter would be useful. Crux looks good but spec isn't that great and no discs. Vapour/Crox looks good as well but some bad reports about customer service and aftersales. Tricross is probably too heavy.

I'm really tempted by the boardman, which if I wait for a sale then would be approx £800 via C2W.

Apart from Halfords (would use LBS for servcing) is there any reason not to get the boardman. Any body already got one and what do you think ?

All my other bikes are Spesh, but if a disc crux with Apex comes for 2012 then I'd certainly be interested.


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