Ipod videos *rolls eyes*

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Yes, yes, I know it's apple so it's my own fault.

Yes yes, I hate apple too.


I, as a self respecting hero, have all 5 series of the wire on dvd.

I also have an I pod, and would like to put my 5 series of the wire onto said I pod.

Apple, helpful, nice, people that they are, won't let me put said dvds onto my I pod, like I could with, say, a CD album.


Can anyone help?

I don't think I can survive my commute much longer without lines like "If it weren't for him you two would be some cadaverous motherf!ckers" or "sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet".


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    yes. you can get a converter. what you'll have to do is to rip the dvds and then the converter will erm convert them to mpeg4.


    or let torrent be your guide, I'me sure there are places available like This to meet your needs.
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    1 word: handbrake :) . Old versions did ripping, the latest version needs you to rip first.

    For ripping, FairMount works on the Mac, or AnyDVD works on PC. Both rip for free and are well trusted.

    You don't need to go anywhere near dubious software or torrents.
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    Handbrake 0.9.5 (recent, but Mac version) still basically goes straight from DVD to iPod.

    Not sure about PC versions. (I assume you're on a PC?)

    You just select the 'chapters' from the disc you want to rip and away you go. I use it to burn multi-episode DVDs to my Iphone all the time.
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    Yeah, I use a PC.

    I know you all have me down as a Nathan Barley type, but I'm not so far that I use a Mac.
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    I, as a self respecting hero, have all 5 series of the wire on dvd.

    Where is the jealous icon when you need it...
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    I use DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to the hard drive
    And you can set it up so that it rips as one VOB file per episode.

    Then Videora Iod converter (free download?)

    Then "sync" the converted file with your ipod via Itunes.