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magnatommagnatom Posts: 492
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Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I've been on here but I thought this might be of interest.

I don't know about you, but I was disappointed with Bike Week, and I discuss this here Instead of sitting on my rear end and just moaning about it I have an idea for how we could liven Bike Week up next year, and preach to others, and not just the converted. My idea is Celebration Stations (based on something that already happens in Canada) which are placed at the side of busy commuter routes (i.e. traffic jams!). It's somewhere that cyclists could stop off, have a bun, get some goodies, enter a competition, have a natter etc, before they continue on their way passing the huge queues of traffic.

There is more information here

It's just an idea, but one I am keen to pursue. I'd need help of course, and obviously other opinions are very welcome.

Let me know what you think![/url]


  • _Brun__Brun_ Posts: 1,740
    Smug Stops
  • magnatommagnatom Posts: 492

    Not really. The idea is to encourage those stuck in the queues to join us. To demonstrate the futility of using a car in clogged urban streets.
  • shouldbeinbedshouldbeinbed Posts: 2,732
    hmmmm, how many people want to stop mid commute for a natter and to fill a prize draw form in. Especially if you were envisaging a morning thing, my duvet is my friend until the last minute and I have dogs to walk etc before hopping on my bike to be in work for 7am - also I do shifts and often miss out on these sort of things cos I'm not travelling in the designated commuter rush hour window.

    don't wish to sound disparaging, I'm all for improving and selling the wet blanket that bike week is anyone not already bikey but TBH I think you could clamp peoples cars, park a free bike beside it and suggest they ride that to work and most would still call a taxi or get on the bus (those that didn't take a bolt crop to the thing to revive their car)

    its not as if bikes or traffic jams are a new invention. if people have been sitting in them day in day out already, me and my hairy little legs munching a bacon sarnie beside them isn't going to be the decisive factor in getting them riding I don't think.

    dunno what the answer is tho, so please accept my apologies for the unhelpful negative response.
  • AndyMancAndyManc Posts: 1,393
    Manchester did make an effort (used to) , but not this year.

    Cycle groups do sometimes have a 'brekkie' ride into the city centre where other cyclists are picked up at various points along the way before they all visit a cafe, or in the past, Manchester council has provided the refreshment.

    I think it's best if the authorities were involved someway, promotion, organisation and covering all the safety issues, maybe involve local universities and cycle shops.

    I would expect ALL city centres to hold a 'Car free day' during cycle week.

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  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,534
    Think the bike week to work thing is a difficult one - a lot of the serious commuters (myself included) like to have their commutes timed to give maximum time in bed coupled with their expected ride time and arriving at work with not much to spare. Fairly close to my work is a restaurant that hosts a breakfast for cyclists but having ridden 17 miles and will be a bit tired, sweaty etc I just want to get showered etc so allowing another 20 minutes for stopping for bacon roll, coffee etc just doesn't fit with me. If, at an appropriate point there was a roadside coffee stop where I could grab a small coffee and bun then I might partake of that since the delay is less. For the slightly less serious commuter, which maybe the week is aimed at, I think this might also suit - there would need to be a good few of them so that riders could pick up a drink/small bite without a major diversion or time delay. A less 'official' stop, where you park your biek up, quick coffee/but and on your way in 5 minutes sounds good.
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