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Blackburn Air Tower problems.

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,685
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I've had an Air Tower 1 for about a year 1/2
Worked fine up to now but I'm sure that a local kid that my wife allowed to use it in my absence has caused a problem.
I recently noticed that the little insert indide the schraeder valve side had some damage - it seemed to then result in air escaping when trying to inflate presta tubes. I wiggled the valve a bit and got it working ok and made a note to order a replacement head (£5 at CRC so not mega bucks)
Came to inflate same kids MTB tubes last night (he constantly pesters me for bike maintenance help) and found it leaked all the air out.
Decided to order the head - it's now being shipped as of 8:30am today.

Later on last night I had a go at inflating my race tubs and firstly it acted as if there was a blockage and the handle pressure was really high, then the gauge went off the scale then with a few more strokes (oo-eer) pretty much all the air can be heard escaping from the base.

I then pulled the tube off the base (held on with plastic shroud-thing over the tube undone by hand) nothing seemed broken so I put it back together. Inside the tube is a valve, it seemed fine to my eyes.
Still does the same, all the air escapes from the base.
Checked the Blackburn website - they indicate their pumps have a lifetime warranty but maybe that's in the USA or you need to send it back to them ?
Pump was bought as a gift, I've searched for spare parts available and only the head and main seal I think seemed listed.
I've contacted Blackburn but in lieue of their response I wonder if anyone has taken these to bits - is it busted (economically) irrepairably ?
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