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Strong words from Millar about Wiggins and Sky



  • pedro118118pedro118118 Posts: 1,102
    I don't really read it as a 'slating' - he is merely expressing what he and the rest of the team felt at the time. As for the whole contract thing, well we would all consider a better offer for the same job. But then again, most employees are not on fixed-term contracts. In essence, Wiggo wasn't free to leave - he had a contract, which he wanted out of. That said, I doubt if Wiggo had been a complete flop in 2009, Garmin would've had the same freedom to tear up the document and cut him adrift.
  • andrewlwoodandrewlwood Posts: 224
    Shock! 'Reformed' (i.e., 'Caught') drugs cheat can't join heavily financed team and jealously badmouths former teammate/current rival to try to shift a few copies of his book as compensation.
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