Large handlebars - mounting lights etc

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I'm very excited that I just got my new bike - Scott CR1, but what does everyone do with oversized handlebars? I can't fit my light or my airzound. What's the best solution to handlebars that are crazy big and don't have much space between the grips and the section where the brake / gear cables stick out?

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    Most things come with clamps for oversized bars these days. I have a light and a computer on mine.
  • Hi Jibb,

    I think you will have a problem with the Airzound, I have had one for years and before I worked in the bike industry wanted a new clamp and or replacement parts. Never found it or a solution. I might be wrong but I don't think there is a solution there.

    I am using elastic bands! not great when you want to hit it hard in an emergency!

    You might need some sort of engineering solution!

    Actually let me know if you get it fixed! .. need to know!

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    I just found a possible solution:

    Not sure if anyone has tried this.....