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fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
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After getting a good full-face spraying off of my front tyre @ anyhing over 15mph in todays "summer" rain I've decided to go for full mudguards.
At the moment I have the MTB frame type mudgard...which keeps my knees dry..and a rear similar which falls short of the wheel my back gets soaked... :oops:
My bike is a Specialized Crosstrail which uses 45c tyres which means I am unable to use Crud Roadracers which seem very popular..
Can anybody reccomend any others which would suit?


  • chillingchilling Posts: 267
    If you have eyelets to fit them SKS chromoplastics

    They are a bit of a pain to fit but once on are the best.
  • fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
    I did see them,I just wanted some feedback on options,thanks.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,457 Lives Here
  • wgwarburtonwgwarburton Posts: 1,863
    kelsen wrote:
    Has anyone else experienced their rear SKS mudguard shearing into pieces after prolonged use? I think the constant road vibration causes this at the stress points (i.e. where it is clamped at the seat stay bridge). I got a pair replaced under warranty, but the same thing happened again. I'm reluctant to get another pair now.

    (I'm aware there's a mudguard thread in Commuting General, but let's face it, more replies will be gotten here)

    Reposted here in the expectation that the replies will be more useful...

    I've had this happen a few times and am similarly reluctant. I don't know what the answer is, except maybe that mudguards could be regarded as consumables?
    I had Aluminium ones on my commuter last winter but they rattled and bent and the mounting holes stretched... I ended up with three or four bits of mudguard zip tied together! Currently, I have the front one in place but a bit rattly and the rear section from the BB to the brake bridge. The bit behind the brake bridge is covered by a Tortec race-blade clone...
    I don't know if there's a better solution than the Chromoplastics, though, despite their limited lifespan. The ones on my tourer had clip-on attachments, which I thought might alleviate the cracking issue, but they arn't very secure, so not much of an improvement.

    Maybe there's a better way to mount them- the ones on my wife's MTB have been fine, so it could be that the problem has been lack of proper support on my commuter-bikes: vibration causing cracks to spread from stress concentrations, as you decribe?
    More support or maybe some sort of isolation-mount? Old inner tubes between the support-bracket and the 'guard, perhaps? Wouldn't work with the riveted versions, though.

  • ads2kads2k Posts: 135
    SKS' here as well. A bit of adjustment to fit, had to cut down the wire extensions you screw the mudguard to but after that they have been great :D .

    They do mark easily mind :o
  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    I too have never found chromoplastics to be that good and have had a couple of sets crack and fail around the mounts. The silver ones discolour too and look pretty tatty.

    I've been much happier with a Tortec set which are as good as new after a couple of years commuting. The hardware is all stainless steel and the nuts are nylock so there's no corrosion or loosening at all. They even came with a nifty plastic bridge to go between the chainstays if your frame doesn't have one
  • tiny_penstiny_pens Posts: 293
    If you have mudguard eyelets then go for the SKS chromoplasts. They are the best for the price. End of.

    However if you want something that looks a bit better........
  • centimanicentimani Posts: 467
    Chromoplastics on my winter commuter have seen some abuse over the last 3 years, and funnily enough, the fronts just broken at the bottom stay. I did woner if my son had caught it as he's taken out his bike, but he assures me he didn't.
    I guess its vibration that's just taken it's toll. Bodged it by just smoothing off the jagged bit and re mounting the stay a bit above.
    'd buy them again like a shot.
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