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My Humble Hardtail

MrFlibbleMrFlibble Posts: 15
edited July 2011 in Your mountain bikes
I've been building myself a new hardtail over the last few months and its almost finished so I thought its about time I stuck it up.

I've been riding my old Trek 6000 for years and after purchasing a Giant Trance, I upgraded the Trek to discs using an adaptor, however after the first ride it felt as though the back end was twisting so I decided to bite the bullet and build a new hard tail and leave the Trek as a fully rigid training bike.




The wheels are not the final article as they are the wheels from my Giant, likewise the Manitou Black Comps are getting swapped out for a set of Rebas.

The full spec is (will be)

Frame: Kona Kula Gold 2010 Frame
Forks: Manitou Black Comp (swapping to Rockshox Reba RL)
Wheels: Mavic D321 rims on Hope hubs (swapping to Mavic XC717's on XT hubs)
Headset: Ritchey Comp
Stem: Kore
Bars: Raceface Evolve limited edition
Grips: ODI Yeti Lock-ons
Barends: KCNC
Brakes: Avid Juicy 7's 160mm F&R (swapping to 185mm on the front)
Shifters: Shimano SLX with Blue Jagwire Cables
Front Mech: Shimano XT
Rear Mech: Shimano SLX
Cranks: Race Face Evolve XC
Pedals: DMR V8 (swapping out for something white when I feel flush again)
Saddle: SDG Bel Air
Seatpost: Race Face Prodigy
Kona Kula Gold

Trek 6000

Giant Trance 3


  • something satisfying about building your own bike and bleeding the bank account, much fun :lol:
    nice indeed
  • neon_neonneon_neon Posts: 83
    Nice bike :D

    Would be nicer if you put your brake levers in front of your shifters!
  • BennyBBennyB Posts: 174
    id imagine thats more for comfort than asthetics
    Ime diving, ime bored, ime on the diving board
  • Rich1969Rich1969 Posts: 29
    In the process of building a hardtail myself, nice to see your post mate. Looks like you have done great job there.
  • MrFlibbleMrFlibble Posts: 15
    Thanks guys,

    BennyB it is indeed for comfort.

    The forks have now arived just waiting on the new wheels and then all will be finished, although I need to decide whether to stick with the 100mm travel or jack it up with the spacers to 120mm.
    Kona Kula Gold

    Trek 6000

    Giant Trance 3
  • bearfraserbearfraser Posts: 495
  • mikeyj28mikeyj28 Posts: 991
    Nice bike and a good build. Liking the upgrades too.

    Hiow light have you got it (or will have it with the new kit?)?

    Stick with the 100mm. It will ride really well with the frame you have and will be pretty comfortable with the Reba forks dialled to your weight.
    Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,359
    looks good
  • MrFlibbleMrFlibble Posts: 15
    Mikeyj, I have no idea how much it weights, or will weigh (hopefully lighter than it is, although given the increase in stanchion diameter on the new forks it may not be). I just know it is light enough to carry if I wuss out on a climb and need to carry it :oops: .

    My gut feeling is to stick with the 100mm as that is what it is designed for and 120mm will through the geometry off a bit.
    Kona Kula Gold

    Trek 6000

    Giant Trance 3
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