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Whilst watching a DVD of the 2006 TdF tonight I recall the great efforts of Matthias Kessler riding support of Rogers and Kloden... Last year Matthias had a very bad crash in Majorca whilst out training... I believe he hit a cat and sustained very sever head injuries... Since then I havent heard anything of the guy... Anybody have any info?


  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 60,895 Lives Here
    He was with Astana in 2007 when he got busted for the juice of the snake (testosterone, as opposed to the jungle juice, which is EPO, naturally).

    He was pretty old anyway.

    Pretty sure he hit a dog or cat and smashed his head too in 2010, but he wasn't pro then.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Was still undergoing rehab for his head injuries in Aug 2010 and was only able to ride a trike if the translation is right. ... ge-1.85503

    Seven months after a serious training accident that Matthias Kessler suffered in January on Majorca, the Frankish professional cyclist remains under medical treatment. But he is on the mend. The stage winner of the Tour de France 2006, whose family for several days after the accident, feared for his life, attended with enormous ambition and great patience continues a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

    At five days per week while Kessler is supervised in the outpatient rehabilitation clinic of the Nuremberg Südklinikums, which begun in March in Heidelberg special rehabilitation program will continue. Kessler can now walk again without assistance, although he still can not be left at the bend altogether. A greater handicap still is his left arm, which can not use it. However, show up hours after each treatment here first little progress.

    Progress on the tricycle "I feel most comfortable when I'm traveling by bicycle," says the native of Herpersdorf who drives almost daily walks on a special tricycle. He fixed his left foot in the pedal travel with a hook, not to slide off. "We are very hopeful that Matthew will continue to make progress and look forward to every small improvement," say the parents. Kessler's greatest wish: "I hope to soon be back on a normal bike with friends."
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    i think he was asking about the cat
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    i think he was asking about the cat

    Not so good for the moggy

  • emaddenemadden Posts: 2,431
    thanks guys ... :-) I knew he was busted for doping... just was wondering how he was doing. Good to see he recovering, albeit slowly ... Good picture of the moggy :lol::lol::lol:
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