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Hi people, have I come across the best general purpose tyre or have I just been lucky,
right I'm a quite heavy 92kg+ and I ride on some pretty crappy welsh mountain roads etc in all weather. I have just clocked up 1000 miles on a pair of michelin dynamics without a single problem, there looks to be a fair bit of wear left as well, so is it worth splashing out 30 or 40 quid when it would appear you can get a decent set of tyres for around 20 quid or less, by the way they are 700x25's and I run them at 100psi, most of my rides are around 50 to 60 miles


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    Good tyres make a big difference and should be right up there on the must have list of things to buy if your looking to get the best out your bike and ride. Like most things to do with cycling, the more you spend the better things tend to get. However if your on a budget and are happy with your current ones then save your cash until they need changing. Think stepping up to something like Continentals GP 4000's for just under £70 a set you would feel a noticeable difference in performance.
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    I've been riding Vredestein Fiammante for the last 1500 miles or so, they can be had for about £20 each. I was really really happy with these, very smooth but felt very fast too.

    Then last week I thought I go for an upgrade but read some bad reports about the Vredestein tri comps performance in the wet so went for Veloflex open corsa 22's. Pretty pricey but heard good things.

    After the weekends ride I can't really feel any difference between the two and if anything the Veloflex feel a little slower.

    So basically I wish I'd saved myself 25 of my hard earned pounds and stuck with the Vredesteins. I guess because they aren't their top end tyres I wasn't satisfied . . . . DOH
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    Oh yeah and a I realise that conti GP4000s are generally considered the best but I just can't get any inspiration from them. Plus I had a bad experience with conti in the past so stubbornly I won't go back :D
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    Given the OP's 95kg weight, recommending a tyre based on the needs of a 10-stone racing-whippet is kind of pointless as each will feel very different to each rider. For sure the OP should stick to 25mm tyres and given the priority for durability I'd suggest the following in no particular order:
    Schwalbe Duranos
    Michelin Krylions
    Conti GP 4 Seasons
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Don't pay £70 for GP4000 S's' if you shop around you can get a pair for just over £50.