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I'm after a new saddle but un-sure about sizes? I still have my come as standard saddle on my giant and its OK but need replacing as the shell is cracking.

The saddles I'v seen on tinternet are either 130mm or 143mm. I'm a biggish guy, 6'1'' and 93 kg so presume I'd be better off with a larger one?

Any advice?


  • Oh and Gel or not?

    Probably a specialized phenom.
  • Rule74Please
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    Your physical size makes no difference to the width of the saddle. Know a guy of 6'5" who is on a 128 and another 5'6" on a 150mm

    Giant saddles are WTB based so you could look in their range for something similar.

    Other than we can only tell you what we like (or hate) not what is best for you
  • keef66
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    If you're going for a Spesh saddle then if possible I'd get your @rse measured on one of their butt-o-meter things.

    It doesn't neccessarily follow that cos you're a big bloke you need a wide saddle. It's more to do with the distance between your sit bones.
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    I don't relate to marketing gimmicks such as Speciaized or Fizik's spine concept at all, cos they are not proved. It's suck it and see for saddles I'm afraid, there is no shortcut for finding your perfect saddle imo.
  • keef66
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    I think the Fizik spine concept is clearly marketing b0llocks, but measuring the separation of your sit bones makes perfect sense to me.

    Having said that, I think I'll be trying a Brooks next. I remember being comfortable for days at a time on a B17 in my youth (and wearing jeans :shock: ) Surely an extra stone and 30 something years wouldn't make one uncomfortable??
  • Paul E
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    I suffered for a year on the standard 143mm alias on my secteur, had my arse measred and it tured out I needed a 130mm saddle, my bike now sports a 130mm spesh romin and my arse is a lot happier even on a stiffer less padded saddle