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Failure to load homepage in IE8 today.

WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,455
At work, the default browser is IE8, which appears to be significantly slower than the old one generally. The security settings are also a pain, but "normally" the BR home page loads up, just takes a while.

Today however, it locks up the whole browser, every single attempt to load the homepage. I suspect it is your video player? Is that giving grief again? Is there a new video today with different properties?

The IE8 options on this (office) network has webpage video disabled if it does NOT use an external video player - has this setting been changed on the BR page today?

I can bypass the homepage and get here (Forum pages) with direct URL entry, and it works fine.

Any other suggestions, other than get back to work already?? :D
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  • josnorjosnor Posts: 207 Lead Developer
    Hi Wheelspinner,

    Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry you're having problems. Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue here at Future Towers. When you try to load the page, what actually happens? Do you get an error message? Does the same thing happen on any other websites?
    I suspect it is your video player?
    What makes you think this? Does the same thing happen if you visit our standalone video player?


  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,455
    Hi Joe,

    When I tried to load the homepage, it starts to load, and a lot of the regular content begins to appear (network is slow here, don't ask!) but once the text and "fixed" graphic content loads, it simply hangs and requires a Ctrl-Alt-Del in Task Manager to kill it, the usual "Not Responding" message. There is nothing shown in the frames where the video is trying to load which is why I assumed it's that player?

    The page freeze happened repeatedly yesterday, exactly the same process each time.

    I don't get that complete hang in the few other pages I visit from work, such as news sites which have video frames.

    Your standalone video link above worked fine this morning, opened a separate tab and started playing. But then, I can load the regular homepage today as well. What's changed?

    SOmetimes this stuff drives me nuts... :-)
    Open One+ BMC TE29 Seven 622SL On One Scandal Cervelo RS
  • josnorjosnor Posts: 207 Lead Developer
    Nothing's changed at our end apart from content so the only thing I can think is that it might be a rogue ad, or a problem with Flash player. If you visit the Adobe Flash site, what does it say in the box titled 'Version Information'?
    SOmetimes this stuff drives me nuts... :D
    Tell me about it!
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