Been offered a 2007 Giant TCR Alliance 1. What's it worth?

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I happened to mention to my old housemate that I was looking at getting a road bike. He said that if we could agree on a price he would sell me his 2007 Giant A1.

He has done about 300 miles on it but has been well looked after (didn't take it out in winter) and it's just had a £100 service.

I see that Edinburgh cycles had a sellout at £750, and a random add a chap was selling one for £400, so what should I offer him? (remember he's a friend and I want it to stay that way :)

Here's the spec:


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    A new bike with an alu / carbon frame and 105 kit would cost you over a grand, but you'd get a warranty with it, and it would be all new and shiny.

    If it's in as good a state as you say, I'd offer him £450. It would probably go for more than that on Ebay.

    The most important thing though, is does it fit you?? If it's too big / small, however little you pay for it will be money down the drain.
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    About 50-60% of what it cost new depending on condition - £450 if it was in really good condition. Bike prices have been creeping up again, but a couple of years ago, £1000 got you a carbon frame with Ultegra and today that will sell for £500-ish used. The money sunk into the recent service is immaterial - you'd expect it to be roadworthy anyway.
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    Fitting shouldn't be an issue as he is pretty much the same build as me. I can also try before I buy.

    Has technology moved on much since 2007? Any advantage in splashing out on a newer bike as opposed to this one?
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    No major technological advances in the last 4 years. Looks like it has the current HT2 external BB. I think the only difference would be that the new 105 shifters (5700) have all the cables running under the bar tape.

    300 miles it's barely run in. God knows why it needed a service (I'd be curious to know what he got for his £100)

    I got my 105 equipped bike in 2008 and it's all still running sweetly. (I do my own spannering)

    If it fits and you like the ride then I'd make him an offer.

    (What size is it, just in case you decide against?)
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    Sounds like a nice bike.I`ve just bought a 2010 Defy Advanced via ebay and really happy with it.Its amazing the bargains you can get if you don`t need the latest model.
    Was quite interested in a TCR myself,but the Defy seemed to fit me better.
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    It's a medium. Hopefully it will fit ok.
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    I recently got a 2009 Giant TCX 1 (Alu/Carbon with 105 mech) for £690 but it was brand new. Around the £400-£500 mark sounds like a good deal if it is in excellent condition.

    The trouble is, that with price creep, these bikes are worth more when compared to teh equivalnt spec in today's money.

    The same spec on mine is £1200 today but in 2009 it would have been around £1000, hence I saw £690 as a good deal. Equally, the TCR Alliance 1 you are looking at would be around £1200 today so £400-£500 sounds about right.
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    Bah, he has decided not to sell it, oh well.

    Anyone know if the GT GTR Series 3 is any good?