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thescouselanderthescouselander Posts: 549
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Having just taken delivery of my new bike I was considering upgrading my security. I currently use a reasonably thick cable lock but it wouldn't be a match for a pair of suitably sized bolt cutters.

I was considering getting something more substantial but then it occurred to me - even it I get something super tough what could I attach my bike to that will be equally impervious to attack? Eg, I could get a lock that withstands an angle grinder for a few mins but no doubt a railing or similar would give up pretty fast - surely that renders these very expensive locks useless.

I'm not sure whats best to do. It seems a large pair of bolt cutters will get through most locks anyway. Any thoughts?


  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Bike locks buy you two things: Time to crack them, and a level of deterrence.

    I have 4 all in all, and use 2 at a time:

    A torc-anchor chain & padlock, which is ridiculously heavy.
    Abus Granit xplus D-lock.

    The chain through the front wheel/frame and D-lock through the rear wheel and rear stays make me feel confident enough. These stay at my university and place of work (depending where I am at the time, as they're ridiculously heavy to lumber about).

    The remaining two locks is a cheap £14 Argos one for my bike-shaped-object I'll use now and then in low-risk areas where I'll be 5-10 minutes at most. The second is a luggage suitcase combination lock, which comes with a stupidly loud alarm if cut or someone tries cracking the code. It cost me £5 from Ebay, but was £30 new. If you buy a bike specific one, I think it's about £15. It also doubles up as a great cafe stop lock when out on club runs.
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    Buy the best lock that you can afford is the best advice.

    If you need something for cake / pub stops, try googling luggage alarms.

    I used to have (lost it when I moved house) a 100dB luggage alarm which wasn't much bigger than a chunky key ring. It had a short (30cm-ish) braided steel cable which was just long enough to loop through a wheel and frame.

    It would activate if the cable was cut, but the nice thing was that it had a motion sensor, so would activate if distubed, hopefully before the cable was tampered with.

    I think I bought it from Maplin, but I'm sure that google will throw up plenty of similar devices.
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  • I've just installed the Torc Ground Anchor in my garage with the Pragmasis Protector lock and its an absolute beast, for home security you probably can't beat it, the lock is rather heavy so not practical to carry it unless your Geoff Capes (is he still alive and living with Churchill?) but it would take a hell of a lot to get through it.

    I got mine after reading the review in C+ a few months back (see link below), the installation was easy with the easy to follow instructions and the wife is glad to get the front room back to normal now the bikes been moved out! If you need to beef up home security and got an expensive bike or couple of bikes i'd say its well worth it. ... hor-39860/
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