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sparky803sparky803 Posts: 29
edited July 2011 in MTB beginners
Hi this is a weird one . My old carrera frame has given up the ghost and I need to build a new bike. I am looking for donations of any parts or broken bikes. No sob story involved just don't have the money to buy .any one who can help would be really appreiciated. Thanks


  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Wheels, tyres, headset, seatpost, saddle, seat clamp, skewer rr, 9spd casette.

    All used but working fine. What sort of bike are you building?
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  • Mojo_666Mojo_666 Posts: 860
    Just checking with a mate who's bike we upgraded last weekend but should be good for

    Bottom Bracket
    Front Mech
    Rear Mech
    2 New Schrader Inner Tubes

    Parts are 3 months old tops
  • clamps81clamps81 Posts: 315
    Aye, no probs. Bits are scuffed etc but entirely usable. Bottom bracket is square taper, shifters and mechs are alivio and altus
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  • Mojo_666Mojo_666 Posts: 860
    That would be confirmation on the bits I listed... Cheers Clamps

    sparky803, PM me an address and I will get the bits cleaned up and mailed out.
  • snowden_88snowden_88 Posts: 174
    If its just your frame that's given up then surely all you need to buy is a new frame????
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  • sparky803sparky803 Posts: 29
    Cheers guys much appreciated. The address is 49 carpenter gardens winchmore hill n21 3ghh
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