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Anyone biked Lairig Ghru? Is it bikeable?

MigginsMiggins Posts: 433
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I'd like to ride it as part of a Scottish coast to coast but have heard a couple of people saying it's not bikeable, and others saying that it is. Any thoughts?
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  • busta gonadbusta gonad Posts: 162
    People do it, quite a few km's of hiking through boulderfields, not sure whether it is to be recomended on a bicycle, but it serves a purpose, getting you from the north to the southern Cairngorms, i think there is a better option via Glen feshie/Geldie.
  • ChrisdawgChrisdawg Posts: 19
    I did it in 1993 on a Raleigh Kalahari, loads of rock fields and a lot of walking. Fantastic scenery and some good single track, well footpaths didn't have singletrack then!

    Should be awesome fun on a modern full suss.
  • MigginsMiggins Posts: 433
    Thanks guys. Might go and have a look first before committing to it as part of a C2C. It'd be a good excuse for a day out on the bike.
    After uphill there's downhill
  • campbellrae1campbellrae1 Posts: 182
    I did it last summer with a friend, there is a load of hike-a-bike over the top through a boulderfield which isn't very pleasant in anything other that walking shoes(I have hiked it a number of times). The descent was OK when climbing up from the Aviemore side, it's really good descending into Aviemore/Rothiemurcas though! Fast and flowy for a long time.

    We rode it pretty early in the year though and the snowmelt had badly eroded the path, so hopefuly that has been fixed up a little because there is a lot op promise in the descent when you are travelling south.

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