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Defect left SRAM Force shifter?

Paddy1985Paddy1985 Posts: 43
edited June 2011 in Road beginners
Hi guys,

Recently my rear shifter (SRAM Force 2010) has been playing up. For some reason it can not hold the rear gears in the two top cogs. The problem does not lie in the rear derailleur as it has enough range of motion, and the cable tension is not extremely high! Even better so, if I click the double-tap system and hold it (in keep pressure on the tap) the rear derailleur stays in place over the biggest cog (but on releasing it jumps back to the 3rd cog down).

The local bikeshop wants me to buy two new shifters (a £249) in order to help the problem. Obviously I just want to check if there isn’t an easier (and cheaper) way to help this problem?

I’ve checked on spare parts for SRAM double-tap shifters, but as I don’t know where to start looking I’m not sure what to order….

Suggestions on what to do?


  • HamishDHamishD Posts: 538
    Tell the LBS to take a jump . . . and get a second opinion...

    Probably not the same problem but my rear shifter completely packed in after a crash (Force 2009) and Sigma replaced and fitted a new one (Force 2010) for £60....

    Sorry can't be more help - not very technically minded myself!
  • Paddy1985Paddy1985 Posts: 43
    £60? Now that's more like it!
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    Sounds like a problem I've had twice now.

    Inside the shifter mechanism, there are little 'teeth'. This is what clicks when you shift up (and allows you to shift down. The teeth can get broken.

  • DadmoDadmo Posts: 61
    Sounds like a warranty issue to me as well. I had trouble with a SRAM Force shifter, and the problem turned out to be exactly as Pokerface diagnoses - a broken tooth in the shifter mech. LBS were fine about it, and changed it free of charge. SRAM, though, took weeks to supply the new part.
  • Paddy1985Paddy1985 Posts: 43
    Doubt the warrenty is still active. I bought them over the internet in Jan-2010. Would it be worth tracking one of those "teeth" down and replace them by disasembling the unit itself?

    I've tracked down the spare part catalog: ... %20A.1.pdf
    which shows the exploded view of the SRAM Force on page 11
  • Although it was with a rival shifter I had the same problem as Pokerface with chipped teeth. Try pulling back the hood and looking at the teeth of the cog as you shift, mine had the edges chipped off the last two.

    Mine were under 4 months old so Wiggle/SRAM replaced under warranty, unfortunately apart from RED they all use the same mechanism so not sure how long my next pair will last

    I'm guessing here but I blame the damage on trying to shift down to non existing gears going up hills :D it makes a large protest at such abuse!
  • Paddy1985Paddy1985 Posts: 43
    I'm guessing here but I blame the damage on trying to shift down to non existing gears going up hills Very Happy it makes a large protest at such abuse!

    hehe, I don't know where you are, but in Oxforshire there is no reason to shift down into non-existing gears! :lol:

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'll have a look in the shifter when I get home to see what's wrong with it

    Just in case, any idea's on getting a single (right handed) shifter somewhere instead of getting a pair?
  • You can certainly pick up a single shifters from stores e.g. ... bg8rasNadw

    Its just not much of a saving :(

    Its worth remembering that you can swap in ANY of the SRAM shifters from Apex>RED and it'll be fine.
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