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Thinking about getting myself a road bike......

Kerrmit1992Kerrmit1992 Posts: 275
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Hi guys,

New on the forum :P

Im currently a keen mountain biker, however, the recession is starting to take its tole on my wallet, with this new increase in car insurance premiums i cant afford to run my car anymore, so after some thought, i hsve decided i am going to sell my car, and also very reluctantly my motorbike too :(

However, i have decided i quite fancy a road bike for my commute to work and i quite fancy taking up racing too :P

I have my eyes on the giant defy 3, looks like a good bike and i like the colour, when are next years bikes due out? i would prefer to wait till the next years ones come out if its soon before buying :)

What other bits and pieces will i need to start out in road cycling, and im not too keen on skin tight lycra :O i have a bit of a beer belly so its not a good look :P lol can you wear it a bit baggier? :P

Any advice would be much appreciated :P

Mountain biking is the bicycle version or rallying, except you don't need a Co-Driver!


  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    Just get yourself a wicking T-shirt and some padded underpants/shorts to go under normal shorts. I wear an old football shirt and normal cargo shorts on my 14 mile commute
  • tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
    I ve been doing all sorts of riding on all sorts of bikes for years . After struggling along the way of the roses C2C on his old hybrid that had him hanging of my back wheel my mate decided to a get a Defy to prove that the bike and not my "superior fitness" was the difference.

    It was his first road bike so I set it up for him and I must say I was extremely impressed.
    Hes got the white black and grey one and it looks the business and rides brilliantly .

    Its a triple with Sora 2300 with rack and gaurd mounts and rides a lot better them my memory of £500 bikes.

    If you like the colour of this years bikes why wait to be charged more for 2012 models as if anything you will get less spec for your money and just a different paint scheme.

    I know Giant have changed and tweaked the TCR but I dont think there are going to be any major beneficial changes to the Defy.
  • night_porternight_porter Posts: 888

    Giant Defy is a great bike for the money and yes buy it now rather than wait.

    If you look at prices/specs over the last few years the prices have gone up and the specs gone down so if you can buy one now you will probably get a better spec than next years models.
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