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Hampshire wheel truing recommendation

richhrichh Posts: 187
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Can anyone recommend a good place to take a rear wheel that's become buckled, to be fixed? I live just north of Southampton but work in Farnborough so I'm looking somewhere along the M3 corridor.

Yes I know that the LBS will be able to do it but I'm also aware that the quality of truing varies massively from place to place, and as I've going to be be doing a 1400 miles JOGLE shortly I'd rather make sure that I'm not going to have extra trouble later on.




  • speedy119speedy119 Posts: 67
    try either Cycle Kingdom in Fleet or East Street Cycles in Farnham.
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    Geoff Shergold -

    Was a mechanic for Paralympic team and comes highly recommended by all who've been to him. Does wheels and if I were you I'd get him to service your bike too prior to JOGLE

    He works from home so I don't think it's right to stick his number on a public forum but if you want it PM me
  • richhrichh Posts: 187
    Thanks. Cycle Kingdom was one obvious option but I ended up taking it to Peter Hansford in Chandlers Ford. I pick it up on Friday so I'll let you know how it goes.

    Gavbarron, I would like Geoff's number and/or email address if you've got it so can you PM it to me? Getting him to check the bike over before the JOGLE would certainly be a good idea, if nothing else but for piece of mind.
  • richhrichh Posts: 187
    Well it seems that the wheel is irrepairable. Old design (single skin) which is refusing to stay true when the wheel is destressed. I'm 90kg and will be loading the rear of the bike up quite a lot so it's just not worth the risk. If I'm changing one I might as well change both to make the match and also to remove the chance that the same will happen to the front. to find some replacements that can take 30mm tyres.

    Peter Hansford were excellent by the way, very open and honest and I wouldn't hesitate in going back again.
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