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Trek Madone 6.9 Pro

nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
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Well I know that Treks are not everybody's cup of tea but over the last 2 years, I've chopped and changed a few bikes and have eventually arrived at this one (along with a Colnago C40 and Kinesis Racelight for the winter months).

Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Astana - not sure what others think (I know that there's a lot of Trek haters out there) but I like it and a much more forgiving ride than the BMC Pro Machine that I've recently sold on.

Six months ago, I bought the frameset, seatmast, saddle, bars, stem, & cages for £900. I got the SRAM Red groupset from a secondhand purchase of a Raleigh Avanti Team on eBay (£920) and did well on the resale price of the Raleigh frame and Kysrium Equipe wheels, which meant that the SRAM groupset cost me just a couple of hundred quid. The wheels are de-stickered Pinarello MOST carbon clinchers, which I swapped with some Kysirums. I know the MOST wheels should not really be with the Trek but it's difficult to identify them without the stickers. So Trek 6.9 on a budget really!


Frame: Trek 6.9 Pro OCLV Carbon Red
Bars: FSA Wing Pro
Stem: Bontrager XXXLite
Bar Tape: Fizik Microtex

Front Brake Lever: SRAM Red
Front Caliper: SRAM Red
Rear Brake Lever: SRAM Red
Rear Caliper: SRAM Red

Shifters: SRAM Red
Front Mech: SRAM Red
Rear Mech: SRAM Red

Seat: Bontrager SLR
Seat Post: Bontrager Seatmast
Cranks: SRAM Red 53/39T
Chain: SRAM
Cassette: SRAM Red 12/25T
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon

Front Wheel: Pinarello MOST destickered
Tire: Michelin Pro Race 3
Back Wheel: Pinarello MOST destickered
Tire: Michelin Pro Race 3

Accessories: Garmin 705

Weight: No suitably accurate scales but in region of 7KG, I would imagine


  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Looks good, that paint scheme is very nice. Not a fan of Trek due to the association with LA but I think the top end Madones are great bikes.
  • canbakaycanbakay Posts: 282
    personally i love treks - having said that, this one is great!! I plan on getting an older madone but as a collectors item: the USPS version. (would be my second)...

    One thing I would change is the routing of the cables to under the bar...
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  • tigerbentigerben Posts: 233
    very nice.

    sounds like you got yourself a great bike for a great price.
  • MystiqueMystique Posts: 342
    I have the same easy was it to de-sticker them??
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Mystique wrote:
    I have the same easy was it to de-sticker them??

    Taking the actual lettering off was reasonably straightforward but removing ALL of the adhesive residue was rather time-consuming (and in fact needs a bit more time spending on it tbh)
  • Kona21Kona21 Posts: 107
    I do like top end treks. The budget they must have to design them must mean they are very good bikes !
    Are they the same as my wheels ? Corima aero ?
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  • JRookeJRooke Posts: 243
    nail varnish remover on a bit of cotton wool gets rid of that stuff in seconds

    Not fan of the madones having owned this same model and now ironically to this topic have a bmc pro machine instead lol, but if I was to get one again, would have to be this colour scheme, absolutely love it.
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Thank you to all the replies thus far (not too many Truk haters thus far)

    Kona - the wheels are Pinarello MOST not Corimas

    I used to love the look of my BMC Pro Machine too but the 57cm felt longer in the top tube than the 58cm Trek (and I felt the ride was harsher on the BMC).

    Sold the BMC and somebody got a very fine bike in amazing condition for £1500 (the BMCs don't always fetch the prices they deserve on the secondhand market)

  • Kona21Kona21 Posts: 107
    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I am sure the wheels are Corima but just rebranded as most, pinarello don't make wheels. So you could get Corima stickers for them..
    Opera Super Leonardo
    Campag Super Record 11
    Corima Aero + wheels ... t=12777242
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    You may be right - I'm not certain.

    I'm not looking for any stickers for them. I think that they look better without.
  • JRookeJRooke Posts: 243
    Yea i also had a 58cm madone, its a much racier position on the 57cm bmc and definitely a harsher ride, as daft as it sounds its the reason i prefer it :oops:
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