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Were you the good samaritan on a grey Spesh on Greenfield Rd

SvendoSvendo Posts: 15
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Do you have a grey specialised, i think secteur, and donate an inner tube to a heated stressed cyclist sat forlornly by Greenfield Road above Holmfirth near the junction with Wessenden Head Road?

Had a mare of a visit today from the fairy. Tyre deflated ~20 miles from home on the way to Holme Moss. First spare tube had a crack from where it'd been folded. Second lasted about a mile, and had a hole where the valve meets the tube, so unrepairable. I tried to effect a repair with duct tape on the original tube. Worked really well, for two miles.

Whilst I was trying to contact Girlfriend, improve the cobbled repair, contemplating walking 20 miles in cleats or hitching with a bike; a good samaritan stopped and saved me with a new tube. I swapped it for one of my holed ones, which I hoped was repairable.

To my shame I neglected to offer to pay for the tube (I had money on me) or pass on my phone number. My only excuse is stress and overheating.

If that person was you then PM me and I'll arrange a proper new tube since you must live within cycling distance.[url][/url]

My bike really is a silver machine and I'm definitely feeling mean
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