creaking handle bars

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I have a quill system for my handlebars on my bike which I bought just under a year ago, at first it was all fine.
But lately my handlebars creak a lot. At first it was only when I powered up a hill, but now even riding over rough roads with my hands resting on the bars is making it creak and squeak.
I am worrying too much are am I going to end up with my hands on the bars but the cars no longer attached to the bike :s???
If I should replace them, does anyone know any decent brands and places to buy then from (I know the usual suspects, but quill stems and handlebars are quite old, so are found few and far between I find).


  • Bar Shaker
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    It sounds like your headset needs re-torquing.
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  • lucasf09
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    What do you mean by re-torquing?
    I know how to adjust them, like any other bearing on a bike, but never heard of re-torquing a headset :s