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Sunday mega fail

spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 3,131
edited June 2011 in The Crudcatcher
i should never have done it, I should have stayed in bed. I is stoopid.

The planet x team alu was finished. It needed to be ridden. I did. It was fast then I tried to beat the stupid cycle lane back into town. Stoopid 505 pedals came unclipped in a track stand. I wobbled. Car hit the back wheel.

Frames got a knee sized dent and the rear wheels totalled. :cry:

I mtfu though and picked it up and walked home. Cue much bitchingg from the old woman about road bikes and death.
Visit Clacton during the School holidays - it's like a never ending freak show.

Who are you calling inbred?


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