Sidi Genius 5 Pro (replacement parts).

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Like a nob (chatting whilst replacing my cleats) I just broke the front reinforcement plate nut on my Genius 5 Pro's.
The instruction manual shows how to cut the bottom inner sole, which I did and pull out the square nut plate, which I did, all very easy.
From the outside of the sole it's the top round screw hole for the cleat bolt.

I can't find a replacement to buy online anywhere, tried all of the stores I can think of that sell spares for Sidi with no joy, Googled the part and even been to Sidi UK site with no joy.
Can anyone help at all?
Cheers if u can, will save me a load of dosh getting new ones :?


  • Monty Dog
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    Post a photo of the damaged cleat insert - somebody might have something similar
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • sonny73
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    Good idea Monty, cheers.
    Can't take a decent pic of it with my phone, so here's the image Sidi use.
    It's the front nut (nearest the toes), of the 4 elements you see that can be pushed out, I'd guess they sell the whole plate as one?
  • Ciclicasati
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    I was told to email sidi and they would tell me what to buy.
    Think you get the details from the Sidi lounge on the website. I bought a new pair instead so i am of no help.
  • sonny73
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    Thought I'd share this, a great outcome. I emailed Sidi UK explaining what I'd done and that I couldn't find what I needed anywhere online, nice reply within 24 hours and no problem to send me one of what I need and I will pay what's needed no problem.
    Now that's good service from Sidi :D
    I'm chuffed.