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Kielder Deadwater Trail

DR1V3RDR1V3R Posts: 79
edited June 2011 in Routes
Hi all :D

I was at Kielder this week and for the first time decided to do the black route, I normally just do the downhill part of the black after the red.

The question is how the heck can anyone ride up the rocky bits at just after it splits of from the red?

The day I went it was chucking it down ( a lot!) so obvioulsy traction was always going to be a problem but seriously it would be impossible even in the dry, wouldn't it?

Or maybe I am just censored ! :?



  • The section called Up and Over? Yeah, I'd say that would be pretty damn hard to clean! Spoke to a few guys who ride there a lot when I was up a few weeks ago and they have been trying to clean it for ages but haven't managed it. Cracking run back down the far side afterwards though :D
  • bearfraserbearfraser Posts: 435
    how were the pesky MIDGES ??????? :lol:
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