Cycle to work scheme - quick question

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Firstly, I apologise as I am sure this has already been asked but I didn't have much luck searching.

Anyway, basically, at the end of the scheme, can the employer decide not to sell you the bike at 25% of its value and then go and sell it or auction it?


  • TTcircus
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    No quite sure, the bike remains the property of the employer throughout the hire period. It looks like they don't have to offer you to buy the bike if they don't want to ... ire-period

    best would be to give a call to cyclescheme or whatever company is in charge of your cycle-to-work agreement.
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    Our company doesn't currently have a scheme setup. So long as my employer gets financial gain I don't think there will be an issue but for that same reason I couldn't trust them to offer me the bike at the end.
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    To sell them for extra dosh?