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Hi all,

I apologies for my ignornace about mountain bikes before I start.

i've just purchased a used Specialized hard rock pro following some decent write ups. I've been out a couple of times and it seems like a decent bike for my needs.

I have however noticed that I never go lower than the second cog when selecting gears for hills as anything lower seems like wasted energy. The problem I have is I don't have enough gears gears at the higher speeds when going down bridleways and alike.

I'd like to rectify this. I beleive i need a new chainset that have more teeth in the front cogs (if I've been reading right???)

Any advice about what i would need to do or what I'd need to get to improve on the standard chainset fitted to the bike would be greatfully received

Thanks in advance


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    Assuming a std 3 ring setup with 44 big ring and 11 smallest on the cassette, speed would be around 30mph at a cadence of 100.
    Even at 80 the speed should be about 25mph.
    You could switch to a trekking type chainset with 48 big ring (if it fits) but that would only give a few more mph.
    If that's too slow you should be riding a road bike.
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  • Yeah it is 44 on big ring and 11 on the rear.

    Thanks for the advice

    Is it not possible to upgrade all 3 sizes of ring to give me a little more over each gear?

    You mention size issues - what may cause these issues and any idea what I'd need to do to rectify them?

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    You can get 48/36/26 (and 48/38/28 in some ranges) but need to make sure the bigger rings will clear the chainstay.

    But the increase in speed would only be about 2-3 mph, so is it worth the cost?

    Maybe give it some time, once you get bored with hooning down bridleways and ride some gnarlier stuff you might be glad to have the lower gearing.
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    theres no harm in going slow, plus you need to to be able to get up big and long climbs. dont make yourself work harder than you have to!
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    Aswell as the new chainset, you'd need a new chain and also a new cassette too.
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    How fast are you pedalling. Standard thought seems to be around 80 rotations per minute is optimal. Are you trying to 'grind' a really big gear all the time, or are you actually regularly doing over 30mph off road?

    The fact you don't use the smallest chainring (granny) makes me think that maybe you're pushhing too big a gear because spinning your legs quickly against a low resistance feels like a waste?

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