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Taff Trail

prossboyprossboy Posts: 13
edited June 2011 in Routes
Just returned from completing the Taff Trail both ways (Cardiff-Brecon). 5.5 hrs up and just under that back. Any good?

Legs in bits now, harder than I thought!!


  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    why would you do that to yourself? isn't that like 110 miles? :shock:

    good job 8) not sure if the times are good or not though :lol:
  • prossboyprossboy Posts: 13
    It was tough, good challenge though. Happy when I got back to Cardiff and completed over 100 miles in the day.
  • GJCGJC Posts: 198
    Thats pretty good going, the climb isnt fun by talybont res although not steep it just goes on and on its seems. Well done

    Lapierre Spicy 316 2011
  • prossboyprossboy Posts: 13
    Got it wrong going up, missed the turning at the top and went down the road, not that I minded too much!! It wasn't until I went past the res, I realised I should've gone the other way. As you said it is hell of a pull back up. Chuffed I completed it, will try it again soon.
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