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Altura Trail at Whinlatter

neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
edited July 2011 in Routes
Hi, has anyone ridden this trail? I fancy calling over there but as I'm a bit censored I'm a little intimidated by the sounds of 'north shore sections'! Can these be ridden around, ie are these optional sections of the trail? Also, how difficult is the route? I've managed the red route at Dalby (although very slowly on some parts), and I wondered how this compares in difficulty?

Cheers guys!



  • You should be fine :)

    There are 2 loops, both are long hauls up to the top but relatively easy.

    The North Loop has a long climb up some fire road but the views are nice enough to make it pass by.
    The descents are ok, take it at you're own pace and expect the unexpected. Few small drops that can be walked/rolled so not much to worry about.
    The final descent is a cracker.

    The South Loop is a long single track climb all the way to the top of Hospital Fell Ridge with some amazing views down the valley. Make sure you climb right to the top as its well well worth it.
    The "north shore" is part of the way back down the South Loop but easily see as its at the start of one of the sections, there is a route around them.
    The South Loop descent is fairly fast with lots of fast berms and a few easy jumps. Can be taken at your own pace and is really enjoyable.

    You can incorporate the blue loop too, but generally I don't. Tis fairly nice but a bit boring.

    Go enjoy it!
  • neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
    Nice one! that's exactly the sort of info i was looking for!

    Cheers mate - think i'll pop over there this next week :)
  • Lucky git :P
  • darren555darren555 Posts: 194
    I was there this week and had a great mornings riding.
    I started from Keswick, picking up the long fireroad climb out the other side of Thornthwaite until I crossed the blue route.
    I then followed the blue outward back to the trail centre, then did the north & south red loops. I thought both reds were excellent and as has been said the view from the top of the south loop is something special. I then started the blue to pick up the fireroad home again. The beginning of the blue is huge fun. So much so that I had to go back and do it again. It's all downhill with big berms so you can go silly fast and just enjoy the rollercoaster ride that leads onto an even faster fireroad descent back to Thornthwaite.
  • neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
    I still haven't been lol! I had loads of work come in, so that b*ggered my plans up.

    Hopefully going tomorrow or Friday though - weather permitting. I'll try the blue section as well in that case, providing i'm not too knackered of course!

  • ProutsterProutster Posts: 785
    This'll make you want to do it :D

    The vid starts about a third down from the top, just as you cross back over the fire-road - you can see the views that everyone's on about.

    I did the blue first and enjoyed that as a nice warm-up.
  • BigLee1BigLee1 Posts: 449
    my local trail centre, well worth the journey over :D
  • leafliteleaflite Posts: 1,651
    Did both red routes at winlatter earlier in the year. I really enjoyed the north loop-the final decent is absolutely amazing, loved every minute of it.

    As already stated, the views from the top of the south loop are something special. The first 50-100m of the descent back down are a bit challenging, but after that the rest is just great fun.
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