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Hi all,

I am travelling to spain via air, have decided to take my bike with me, however am in need of a bike box to travel with.
I understand that a box is the best way to transport the bike as baggage handling and a soft carry bag wont mix. However is it worth forking out loads of money to buy/rent a bike box. Could i just use a cardboard box that shops have loads of and just pad it out with pipe insulators and a load of bubble wrap? and
If that is not the case does anybody know of any places around S.E. London that do rent boxes (i know bikeboxalan do, but the hire center is in Rotherham, and is another £50 for delivery!)

Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.


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    I've used a soft bike bag and shedloads of pipe lagging on plenty of trips. If you pack it right - its fine. Bike boxes bump up your weight and are a problem to transport.
  • thanks cougie, but still leaves the problem of buying/rental. I've heard the Evoc bike bag is decent. Which do you use? did you buy it? or do you rent each time you travel?
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    I took my best bike to lanzarote last year and used a bike box alan off a mate. I have to admit it's a very good way of transporting however it's heavy very cumbersome and whilst the ultimate goal of getting the bike there and back unharmed was achieved it was a ballacher.... Just work out how often your going to take a bike abroad if you can afford it buy one as in the long run it works out cheaper. I bought a soft bag off eBay for 180 instead of 250 and it's so much lighter Evoc are well thought of . I managed to get a new one for a really good price so look around I know I've seen in before for the 210'mark ... n=products

    Others use dhb bags and pipe lagging etc and they work just as well.... Another thing to do is not overpack things in your bike bag . The facists on checkin see cyclists as a easy quick buck I'm sure so keep it light

    I'm guessing your bike is the average sub 8kilos add a bike box Alan and the your more or less over so in the case of having a soft bag such as a Evoc Which is 8.6 you still have a little bit of weight to play with.

    Hope this helps and let us know what you decide
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    Are you a member of a cycling club? The one I'm in has a couple of bike boxes to rent for a nominal fee. I doubt it's unique in this respect.
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    Lots of people fly fine with cardboard bike boxes. I've flown with a cardboard box, softcase and a hardcase and ended up buying an Evoc last year. Cardboard box was fine for 2 trips, but got some frame damage on the 3rd trip (might have happened on a softcase as well though), main thing though is they're a PITA to lug about. Hardcase was great protection but it weighed a ton and was a struggle to get the bike in. Cheap softcases without wheels are no better than a cardboard box IME (although usually have a big shoulder strap which can be easier). The Evoc is a good compromise I think, well padded and loads of room inside + very stable wheels.

    If you're not planning to fly with the bike regularly though and can't borrow something from a mate then I'd just go with the cardboard box and put up with the added hassle lugging it around the car park at the airport etc.
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    If you google for the Polaris Pod 2, these are available for hire. We use a large Planet X soft bag with plenty of pipe lag/bubble wrap and foam in the wheel compartments
  • Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for all the suggestions also.

    It seemed that I was going to settle for just using a cardboard box from the LBS, but luckily managed to find a friend of a friend with and old DHB box. the main combination lock is busted, however i can open and close it and all the clips work. So for added security i am going to either use that cling film wrap service they have at most airports, or just buy a couple of rolls of parcel tape. Hopefully it survives! (touching wood)