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Sport/Hybrid - Cube or Whyte?

JazzhandsJazzhands Posts: 2
edited June 2011 in Commuting general
I have been given permission by she who controls the purse strings to replace my very (very) old MTB - which incidentally has seen no mountains!
I am therefore considering an in-between bike that I can commute, tour and trail (by trail I mean converted railway lines etc) on.
Two bikes I have in mind (mainly because I know I can get them without to much hastle - though from different dealers) are the Whyte Caledonian and the Cube Nature.
The cube nature is the cheaper of the 2 and also has the higher spec - does this mean the frames a weak link? The Whyte is the mroe expensive - lower spec but has some good reviews.
I would be interested in views from anyone that has any experience of these (or bikes in the range with the same frames) with the positives and negatives.
I am guessing that if the Whyte is the better frame of the 2 then I would be better off going for that as components can always be upgraded?
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